Mobile Realities: Designing for the Medium of Smartphone-VR

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PubDate: June 2019

Teams: York University,Ryerson University

Writers: Daniel Harley;Aneesh P. Tarun;Sara Elsharawy;Alexander Verni;Tudor Tibu;Marko Bilic;Alexander Bakogeorge;Ali Mazalek

PDF: Mobile Realities: Designing for the Medium of Smartphone-VR


We present two proof of concept experiences for a virtual reality (VR) game that draws on several medium-specific qualities of mobile, location-based, and tangible storytelling. In contemporary smartphone-VR, experiences are limited by short playtimes, limited interactions, and limited movement within a physical space. To address these limitations, we suggest a reconceptualization of smartphone-VR. Rather than design that deems the smartphone the least capable VR platform, we propose design that adds VR to an already rich mobile storytelling platform. We argue that by drawing on otherwise separate storytelling media, designers can circumvent limitations related to smartphone-VR while also extending the range of smartphone-based storytelling. We conclude by reflecting on possible implications of this extended design space.