Holojam in wonderland: immersive mixed reality theater

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PubDate: August 2018

Teams: New York University,SueMedia Production,Sunchaser Entertainment

Writers: David Gochfeld;Corinne Brenner;Kris Layng;Sebastian Herscher;Connor DeFanti;Marta Olko;David Shinn;Stephanie Riggs;Clara Fernández-Vara;Ken Perlin

PDF: Holojam in wonderland: immersive mixed reality theater


Holojam in Wonderland is a prototype of a new type of performance activity, “Immersive Mixed Reality Theater” (IMRT). With unique and novel properties possessed by neither cinema nor traditional theater, IMRT promises exciting new expressive possibilities for multi-user, participatory, immersive digital narratives. The authors describe the piece, the technology used to create it and some of the key aesthetic choices and takeaways.

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