Continuous photometric compensation for deformable objects

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PubDate: July 2017

Teams: The University of Electro-Communications

Writers: Naoki Hashimoto;Koki Kosaka

PDF: Continuous photometric compensation for deformable objects


In this research, we propose a photometric compensation technique for deformable objects, such as a curtain that is continuously swinging. In photometric compensation, it is necessary to exactly obtain an inter-pixel correspondence and a response function between a projector and a camera. Therefore, compensation for deformable objects is a major challenge. In our proposal, we reconstruct the inter-pixel correspondence by using the uniformity of a re-estimated reflectance property of the response function. By using a fast implementation with a GPU, it is possible to provide continuous photometric compensation, even for deformable objects, without using a coaxial projector-camera system.