Towards a Long Term Model of Virtual Reality Exergame Exertion

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PubDate: July 2017

Teams: University of Sydney

Writers: Soojeong Yoo;Tristan Heywood;Lie Ming Tang;Bob Kummerfeld;Judy Kay

PDF: Towards a Long Term Model of Virtual Reality Exergame Exertion


Virtual reality (VR) exergames have the potential to be a fun way to get exercise. People have different preferences and responses when it comes to both exercising an playing games, meaning that there are potential benefits from creating a user model for exergaming. This could support various forms of personalization, such as game recommenders, and personalization within a game. We define a VR exergame user model, VRex, that represents a user’s exertion as well a their goals and preferences for exercise and for games We illustrate the use of VRex to represent 1 users who played 4 games, based on data about their actual and perceived exertion and their satisfaction with each game. This demonstrates the diversity of the user models, in terms of the user model’s components. This is the first work to explore the design of user models for virtual reality exergames and has the potential to serve as a foundation for game personalization, recommenders and open model interfaces.