Tiles: A Mixed Reality Authoring Interface

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Title: Tiles: A Mixed Reality Authoring Interface

Teams: Microsoft

Writers: Ivan Poupyrev Desney Tan Mark Billinghurst Hirokazu Kato Holger Regenbrecht Nobuji Tetsutani

Publication date: October 2001


Mixed Reality (MR) aims to create user interfaces where interactive virtual objects are overlaid on the physical environment, naturally blending with it in real time. In this paper we presents Tiles, a MR authoring interface for easy and effective spatial composition, layout and arrangement of digital objects in mixed reality environments. Based on a tangible MR interface approach, Tiles is a transparent user interface that allows users to seamlessly interact with both virtual and physical objects. It also introduces a consistent MR interface model, providing a set of tools that allow users to dynamically add, remove, copy, duplicate and annotate virtual objects anywhere in the 3D physical workspace. Although our interaction techniques are broadly applicable, we ground them in an application for rapid prototyping and evaluation of aircraft instrument panels. We also present informal user observations and a preliminary framework for further work.