Tele-augmentation for remote AR coaching

Note: We don't have the ability to review paper

PubDate: November 2015

Teams: Samsung Electronics;Korea University

Writers: KwangYong Lee;Gerard Jounghyun Kim

PDF: Tele-augmentation for remote AR coaching


Remote live coaching/collaboration requires an effective means of communication between the two involved parties. In this poster, we consider the problem of how to augment 3D information to a target object in the remote environment in the context of a tele-coaching scenario. Figure 1 illustrates a typical “tele-augmentation” situation for a coaching purpose. User A wants to set up a new PC, looking into the scene with a video see-through HMD and a camera. User B, the domain expert in a remote site, has a smart phone to which the live video of User A’s view is fed. User B makes annotations on the transmitted view (to coach and instruct User A as how to set up the PC) and the annotations are immediately visible to User A for him to follow. It would be desirable if the support system can operate without pre-registered targets or artificial markers.