ReAR surface: AR-based exchanging system using handheld devices

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PubDate: November 2015

Teams: Kansai University

Writers: Kohsuke Matsuno;Yuki Shimonaka;Saki Sakaguchi;Ryo Shinoki;Mitsunori Matsushita

PDF: ReAR surface: AR-based exchanging system using handheld devices


This paper proposes a novel method for file exchange between personal handheld devices. Currently, we can overlay virtual objects onto the real world using Augmented Reality (AR). This means that we can realize a novel method for visualizing information that we can see on a PC screen or tablet-type device. We focus on the interaction between multiple users, each with a personal tablet-type device when working face-to-face. In this case, we sometimes show our own tablet-type device to other people in order to share data (e.g., pictures). If a user’s tablet-type device has both public and private information, such user only needs to show public information selectively. Kai et al. proposed a system that allows data sharing between facing personal devices[Kai et al. 2013]. In this system, an additional display is attached to the rear of a personal device in order to separate public and personal data. We take a method for visualizing public data as virtual objects arranged in the real world using AR. This paper proposes a system called “ReAR Surface” to realize such selective visualization.