Extending HMD by chest-worn 3D camera for AR annotation

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PubDate: November 2015

Teams: University of Canterbury,University of South Australia

Writers: Alaeddin Nassani;Huidong Bai;Gun Lee;Mark Billinghurst

PDF: Extending HMD by chest-worn 3D camera for AR annotation


Light head-mounted display (HMD) combined with a 3D depth sensing camera as wearable technologies that can be used to enhance the AR experience. In this demonstration we present a scenario where the user wears Glass together with the Tango mounted on their chest to create and review 3D augmented annotations indoors. The process of creating AR annotations using the 3D sensor is separate from viewing AR annotation using a head-mounted display (HMD). For example, users’ have to turn their body to face the AR tag during creation, however for viewing the AR tags, the user can turn their head to explore the surrounding environment, separate from where their body is facing, which makes the experience natural and comfortable.