Directional thermal perception for wearable device

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PubDate: September 2015

Teams: Samsung Electronics

Writers: Kyungho Jeong;Youngah Seong;Junsung Chung;Yonggook Park;Woohyoung Lee

PDF: Directional thermal perception for wearable device


Recently, there has been an increasing research interest on thermal feedback. This includes utilizing thermal systems as simple messaging tools, such as: a system that uses temperature to present the importance of messages [Wilson G. 2012] and help users navigate the road by presenting speed or distance with thermal stimuli on the users arm [David and Henry 2013]. There is no researches about array-type thermal feedback. Therefore, we have focused on communication via an array-type thermal patterns. As a first step, this poster presents 1) how well the subjects can differentiate between different spots on which thermal stimulation is presented and 2) whether the subjects can recognize the directional thermal stimulations. In order to find the answer, we have placed the thermal device on where the subjects felt most comfortable: the wrist. The device was also placed on the back of the neck to mimic a scarf or a bluetooth headset.