Retargeting Technical Documentation to Augmented Reality

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PubDate: April 2015

Teams: Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision,Graz University of Technology

Writers: Peter Mohr;Bernhard Kerbl;Michael Donoser;Dieter Schmalstieg;Denis Kalkofen

PDF: Retargeting Technical Documentation to Augmented Reality


We present a system which automatically transfers printed technical documentation, such as handbooks, to three-dimensional Augmented Reality. Our system identifies the most frequent forms of instructions found in printed documentation, such as image sequences, explosion diagrams, textual annotations and arrows indicating motion. The analysis of the printed documentation works automatically, with minimal user input. The system only requires the documentation itself and a CAD model or 3D scan of the object described in the documentation. The output is a fully interactive Augmented Reality application, presenting the information from the printed documentation in 3D, registered to the real object.