ARgo: animate everyday object in augmented reality

Note: We don't have the ability to review paper

PubDate: November 2014

Teams: POSTECH -Lab

Writers: Byung-Hwa Park;Se-Young Oh

PDF: ARgo: animate everyday object in augmented reality


We present ARgo(Augmented Reality tamaGOchi), a system for animating an everyday object on a smart device. We focus to interact with every everyday object on the smart device augmented reality(AR) through animating them with animating and gaming contents. We developed a Single-Point-Tap gesture event based object tracking algorithm using a GrabCut, TLD and CamShift tracking hybrid system for a markerless mobile AR application. To make the object seem to have an inherent facial expression, we use Poisson image edit, which is a seamless blending approach. To instill ‘life’ to an everyday object, we adopted the Tamagotchi storytelling concept. For multi-platform game application purposes and computer vision programming, the AR programming environment was built using the Cocos2d-x game engine and OpenCV. We show the use of our system to animate the everyday object in real environment.

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