Head-worn mixed reality projection display application

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PubDate: November 2014

Teams: Koç University;Mälardalen University

Writers: Kaan Akşit;Daniel Kade;Oğuzhan Özcan;Hakan Ürey

PDF: Head-worn mixed reality projection display application


The main goal of this research is to develop a mixed reality (MR) application to support motion capture actors. This application allows seeing and exploring a digital environment without occluding the actor’s visual field. A prototype is built by combining a retro-reflective screen covering surrounding walls and a headband consisting of a laser scanning projector with a smartphone. Built-in sensors of a smartphone provide navigation capabilities in the digital world. The integrated system has some unique advantages, which are collectively demonstrated for the first time: (i) providing fixed field-of-view (50° in diagonal), fixed retinal images at full-resolution, and distortion-free images that are independent of the screen distance and shape; (ii) presenting different perspectives to the users as they move around or tilt their heads, (iii) allowing a focus-free and calibration-free display even on non-flat surfaces using laser scanning technology, (iv) enabling multiple users to share the same screen without crosstalk due to the use of retro-reflectors, and (v) producing high brightness pictures with a projector of only 15 lm; due to a high-gain retro-reflective screen. We demonstrated a lightweight, comfortable to wear and low cost head-mounted projection display (HMPD) which acts as a stand-a-lone mobile system. Initial informal functionality tests have been successfully performed. The prototype can also be used as a 3D stereo system using the same hardware by additionally mounting polarized glasses and an active polarization rotator, while maintaining all of the advantages listed above.