3D Textured Model Encryption via 3D Lu Chaotic Mapping

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PubDate: Sep 2017

Teams: Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute;Chinese Academy of Sciences

Writers: Xin Jin, Shuyun Zhu, Chaoen Xiao, Hongbo Sun, Xiaodong Li, Geng Zhao, Shiming Ge

PDF: 3D Textured Model Encryption via 3D Lu Chaotic Mapping


In the coming Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) era, 3D contents will be popularized just as images and videos today. The security and privacy of these 3D contents should be taken into consideration. 3D contents contain surface models and solid models. The surface models include point clouds, meshes and textured models. Previous work mainly focus on encryption of solid models, point clouds and meshes. This work focuses on the most complicated 3D textured model. We propose a 3D Lu chaotic mapping based encryption method of 3D textured model. We encrypt the vertexes, the polygons and the textures of 3D models separately using the 3D Lu chaotic mapping. Then the encrypted vertices, edges and texture maps are composited together to form the final encrypted 3D textured model. The experimental results reveal that our method can encrypt and decrypt 3D textured models correctly. In addition, our method can resistant several attacks such as brute-force attack and statistic attack.

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