BodyDigitizer: An Open Source Photogrammetry-based 3D Body Scanner

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PubDate: Oct 2017

Teams: Coburg University

Writers: Travis Gesslein, Daniel Scherer, Jens Grubert

PDF: BodyDigitizer: An Open Source Photogrammetry-based 3D Body Scanner


With the rising popularity of Augmented and Virtual Reality, there is a need for representing humans as virtual avatars in various application domains ranging from remote telepresence, games to medical applications. Besides explicitly modelling 3D avatars, sensing approaches that create person-specific avatars are becoming popular. However, affordable solutions typically suffer from a low visual quality and professional solution are often too expensive to be deployed in nonprofit projects.
We present an open-source project, BodyDigitizer, which aims at providing both build instructions and configuration software for a high-resolution photogrammetry-based 3D body scanner. Our system encompasses up to 96 Rasperry PI cameras, active LED lighting, a sturdy frame construction and open-source configuration software. %We demonstrate the applicability of the body scanner in a nonprofit Mixed Reality health project. The detailed build instruction and software are available at this http URL.

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