Visualization and Labeling of Point Clouds in Virtual Reality

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PubDate: Apr 2018

Teams: Technical University of Denmark;Massachusetts Institute of Technology;MIT Media Lab

Writers: Jonathan Dyssel Stets, Yongbin Sun, Wiley Corning, Scott Greenwald

PDF: Visualization and Labeling of Point Clouds in Virtual Reality


We present a Virtual Reality (VR) application for labeling and handling point cloud data sets. A series of room-scale point clouds are recorded as a video sequence using a Microsoft Kinect. The data can be played and paused, and frames can be skipped just like in a video player. The user can walk around and inspect the data while it is playing or paused. Using the tracked hand-held controller, the user can select and label individual parts of the point cloud. The points are highlighted with a color when they are labeled. With a tracking algorithm, the labeled points can be tracked from frame to frame to ease the labeling process. Our sample data is an RGB point cloud recording of two people juggling with pins. Here, the user can select and label, for example, the juggler pins as shown in Figure 1. Each juggler pin is labeled with various colors to indicate di erent labels.

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