Virtual Reality Wireless Mobile Walkthrough Framework

Note: We don't have the ability to review paper

PubDate: Apr 2018

Teams: Cairo University

Writers: Ghada Mohammed Fathy

PDF: Virtual Reality Wireless Mobile Walkthrough Framework


The last years have witnessed a dramatic growth in the number as well as the variety of graphics intensive mobile applications, which allow users to interact and navigate through large scenes such as ancient places, museums and even virtual cities. These applications support many clients and impose a heavy requirement on network resources and computational resources. One key issue in the design of cost efficient mobile walkthrough applications is the data transmission between servers and mobile client devices. In this paper, we propose an effective progressive mesh transmission framework that stores and divide scene objects into different resolutions. This way, each mobile progressively receives and process the only object’s details that match with its display resolution, and hence improving the user’s perception and overall system’s response time. A fine grained cache mechanism is used to keep the most frequently requested objects’ details in the device memory and consequently reduce the network traffics. Lastly, practical experiments are carried out to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed framework under various setting of the virtual scene and mobile devices configuration/types.

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