Action2Motion: Conditioned Generation of 3D Human Motions

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PubDate: July 2020

Teams: University of Alberta, University of Chicago, Yale University, University of Guelph

Writers: Chuan Guo, Xinxin Zuo, Sen Wang, Shihao Zou, Qingyao Sun, Annan Deng, Minglun Gong, Li Cheng

PDF: Action2Motion: Conditioned Generation of 3D Human Motions


Action recognition is a relatively established task, where givenan input sequence of human motion, the goal is to predict its ac-tion category. This paper, on the other hand, considers a relativelynew problem, which could be thought of as an inverse of actionrecognition: given a prescribed action type, we aim to generateplausible human motion sequences in 3D. Importantly, the set ofgenerated motions are expected to maintain itsdiversityto be ableto explore the entire action-conditioned motion space; meanwhile,each sampled sequence faithfully resembles anaturalhuman bodyarticulation dynamics. Motivated by these objectives, we followthe physics law of human kinematics by adopting the Lie Algebratheory to represent thenaturalhuman motions; we also propose atemporal Variational Auto-Encoder (VAE) that encourages adiversesampling of the motion space. A new 3D human motion dataset, HumanAct12, is also constructed. Empirical experiments overthree distinct human motion datasets (including ours) demonstratethe effectiveness of our approach.

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