Cognitive Analysis of 360 degree Surround Photos

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PubDate: Jan 2019

Teams: University of Moratuwa

Writers: Madhawa Vidanapathirana, Lakmal Meegahapola, Indika Perera

PDF: Cognitive Analysis of 360 degree Surround Photos


360 degrees surround photography or photospheres have taken the world by storm as the new media for content creation providing viewers rich, immersive experience compared to conventional photography. With the emergence of Virtual Reality as a mainstream trend, the 360 degrees photography is increasingly important to offer a practical approach to the general public to capture virtual reality ready content from their mobile phones without explicit tool support or knowledge. Even though the amount of 360-degree surround content being uploaded to the Internet continues to grow, there is no proper way to index them or to process them for further information. This is because of the difficulty in image processing the photospheres due to the distorted nature of objects embedded. This challenge lies in the way 360-degree panoramic photospheres are saved. This paper presents a unique, and innovative technique named Photosphere to Cognition Engine (P2CE), which allows cognitive analysis on 360-degree surround photos using existing image cognitive analysis algorithms and APIs designed for conventional photos. We have optimized the system using a wide variety of indoor and outdoor samples and extensive evaluation approaches. On average, P2CE provides up-to 100% growth in accuracy on image cognitive analysis of Photospheres over direct use of conventional non-photosphere based Image Cognition Systems.