Implementation of a Daemon for OpenBCI

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PubDate: Apr 2019

Teams: Interactive human-machine technologies

Writers: Maxime Chabance (IHMTEK), Grégoire Cattan (GIPSA-Services, IHMTEK), Bastien Maureille (IHMTEK)

PDF: Implementation of a Daemon for OpenBCI


This document describes a technical study of the electroencephalographic (EEG) headset OpenBCI (New York, US). In comparison to research grade EEG, the OpenBCI headset is affordable thus suitable for the general public use. In this study we designed a daemon, that is, a background and continuous task communicating with the headset, acquiring, filtering and analyzing the EEG data. This study was promoted by the IHMTEK Company (Vienne, France) in 2016 within a thesis on the integration of EEG-based brain-computer interfaces in virtual reality for the general public.