Above Surface Interaction For Multiscale Navigation in Mobile Virtual Reality

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PubDate: Feb 2020

Teams: Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts

Writers: Tim Mezner, Travis Gesslein, Alexander Otte, Jens Grubert

PDF: Above Surface Interaction for Multiscale Navigation in Mobile Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality enables the exploration of large information spaces. In physically constrained spaces such as airplanes or buses, controller-based or mid-air interaction in mobile Virtual Reality can be challenging. Instead, the input space on and above touch-screen enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets could be employed for Virtual Reality interaction in those spaces.
In this context, we compared an above surface interaction technique with traditional 2D on-surface input for navigating large planar information spaces such as maps in a controlled user study (n = 20). We find that our proposed above surface interaction technique results in significantly better performance and user preference compared to pinch-to-zoom and drag-to-pan when navigating planar information spaces.