Realistic 3D Face Modeling by Fusing Multiple 2D Images

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Title: Realistic 3D Face Modeling by Fusing Multiple 2D Images

Teams: Microsoft

Writers: Changhu Wang Shuicheng Yan Hong-Jiang Zhang Wei-Ying Ma

Publication date: January 2005


In this paper, we propose a fully automatic and efficient algorithm for realistic 3D face reconstruction by fusing multiple 2D face images. Firstly, an efficient multi-view 2D face alignment algorithm is utilized to localize the facial points of the face images; and then the intrinsic shape and texture models are inferred by the proposed Syncretized Shape Model (SSM) and Syncretized Texture Model (STM), respectively. Compared with other related works, our proposed algorithm has the following characteristics: 1) the inferred shape and texture are more realistic owing to the constraints and co-enhancement among the multiple images; 2) it is fully automatic, without any user interaction; and 3) the shape and pose parameter estimation is efficient via EM approach and unit quaternion based pose representation, and is also robust as a result of the dynamic correspondence approach. The experimental results show the effectiveness of our proposed algorithm for 3D face reconstruction.

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