Research on 3D Virtual Fitting System Based on Unity3d

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PubDate: September 2020

Teams: Inner Mongolia University

Writers: JingYa Xue ; GuoXin Li ; ZhiQiang Zheng

PDF: Research on 3D Virtual Fitting System Based on Unity3d


With the development of augmented reality technology, the concept of virtual fitting has been proposed gradually. However, due to the limitations of various software and hardware conditions, the development of virtual fitting is relatively slow. In order to solve the two key problems of three-dimensional dynamic fitting and man-machine interaction, a 3D virtual fitting system based on Unity3d is proposed in this paper. The system studies creation of 3D clothing model, somatosensory interaction technology and recognition of hand semantics to solved the three-dimensional dynamic the fitting problem. At the same time, a somatosensory interaction devices Kinect is combined with the Unity3d engine to realize dynamic tracking of human skeleton data and human motion capture, which breaks through barriers of hardware and software. Finally, the system presents the fitting effect of “clothing deforms properly as the body moves”.