Multimodal interfaces and communication cues for remote collaboration

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PubDate: October 2020

Teams: University of South Australia;University of Central Florida

Writers: Seungwon Kim, Mark Billinghurst & Kangsoo Kim

PDF: Multimodal interfaces and communication cues for remote collaboration


Remote collaboration has been studied for more than two decades and now there is the possibilities for new types of collaboration with the recent advances in immersive technologies such as Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR). However, despite the increasing research interest in remote collaboration study with VR/AR/MR technologies, there is still a lack of academic venues specifically focusing on VR/AR/MR remote collaboration research. This special issue provides high-quality papers on the topic of remote collaboration research and increases visibility of this timely interesting and important research area. We particularly focus on three research aspects in remote collaboration: (1) use of multimodal communication cues, (2) awareness of the task space, and (3) human factors understanding. In this editorial, we first describe five essential factors for remote collaboration: task, local user, remote user, communication, and tool/interface, and then summarize a brief history of the research areas. We also cover the feature papers accepted in this issue, which introduce novel multimodal interfaces for remote collaboration and the effects on task performance and perceptual factors. Finally, we discuss some potential future research directions while concluding the editorial.