An indoor AR registration technique based on iBeacons

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PubDate: October 2017

Teams: Beijing Institute of Technology

Writers: Xingfu Zhong ; Wenming Wang ; Quanyu Wang

PDF: An indoor AR registration technique based on iBeacons


The existing AR indoor registration technologies based on hardware often have the disadvantage of low registration accuracy. To solve the problem, a new indoor AR registration technology based on iBeacon is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the coordinates of the phone are calculated based on the data received by iBeacons. Secondly, the 3D directions of the phone are obtained based on the acceleration and gravity sensor integrated in the phone. The system could request the corresponding data of the object from the backend server according to the location information and 3D directions. Then, the superposition of virtual image and the target object in the real world is realized. The results show that the new indoor AR registration method proposed in this paper could realize accurate and real-time registration for target objects with high accuracy (error<;65pixels) and real-time performance (time<;0.5s), which will have a wide application in indoor AR registration in the future.

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