A Comparison of Audio Models for Virtual Reality Video

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PubDate: December 2017

Teams: Glyndwr University

Writers: Steven Davies ; Stuart Cunningham ; Rich Picking

PDF: A Comparison of Audio Models for Virtual Reality Video


This paper investigates the relationship between audio models for Virtual Reality (VR) video with respect to the senses of immersion and realism that each model delivers. Mono, Stereo, 5.1 Surround Sound, and a Virtual Spatialised Position configuration was developed for testing in a VR music video and evaluated with a user study. Participants experienced the VR video with these differing audio models as accompaniment a total of four times. Qualitative and quantitative data were recorded to evaluate user experience. The results indicate that no statistical significance was present between the four models in relation to immersion or realism, suggesting that complex audio renderings are not always necessary for effective user experience.