Suggestion of a new architecture for 360 video streaming

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PubDate: December 2017

Teams: Deggendorf Institute of Technology;Julius Maximilian University of Wiirzburg;Technische Universität Dresden

Writers: Bong-Seok Seo ; Dongho You ; Namtae Kim ; Eunyoung Jeong ; Dong Ho Kim

PDF: Suggestion of a new architecture for 360 video streaming


Recently, interest in contents utilizing 360 and Virtual Reality images is increasing. These images are generally transformed into Equirectangular projection and transmitted in a 2:1 ratio rectangular shape. However, this method causes distortion of the upper and lower parts of the 360 images which is widely spread. Furthermore, since the spread 360 images requires higher data rate, it is difficult to transmit high quality (e.g. 4K) 360 images on a band-limited channel. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a method for efficient image stitching, in which receivers can stitch the 360 images themselves by receiving both multiple original images constructing the 360 images and its corresponding stitching information.

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