Predicting head trajectories in 360° virtual reality videos

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PubDate: January 2018

Teams: Loughborough University;Eindhoven University of Technology

Writers: A. Deniz Aladagli ; Erhan Ekmekcioglu ; Dmitri Jarnikov ; Ahmet Kondoz

PDF: Predicting head trajectories in 360° virtual reality videos


In this paper a fixation prediction based saliency algorithm is used in order to predict the head movements of viewers watching virtual reality (VR) videos, by modelling the relationship between fixation predictions and recorded head movements. The saliency algorithm is applied to viewings faithfully recreated from recorded head movements. Spherical cross-correlation analysis is performed between predicted attention centres and actual viewing centres in order to try and identify prevalent lengths of predictable attention and how early they can be predicted. The results show that fixation prediction based saliency analysis correlates with head movements only for limited durations. Therefore, further classification of durations where saliency analysis is predictive is required.