Light Field Display: An Adaptive Weighted Dual-Layer LCD Display For Multiple Views

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PubDate: May 2019

Teams: Tsinghua University

Writers: Liu Qingchen; Lu Haiming

PDF: Light Field Display: An Adaptive Weighted Dual-Layer LCD Display for Multiple Views


The light field display technology can overcome the dizziness caused by accommodation-convergence conflict in traditional display and has more comfortable, natural visual experiences. This paper focuses on the multi-layer spatial light modulation method of the light field display (cascaded display). However, light field display is faced with a series of problems such as large consumption of computing resources, and poor display quality. To overcome the defects, we optimize the existing nonnegative matrix factorization algorithms in the light field display according to the characteristics of the human eyes. By adding the dynamic weighting factors in the procedure of optimization, we achieve a rank-1 dynamic light field display factorization result in just a few iterations under the framework of cascaded display, which is faster and require less computing resources. We build a prototype of the light field display and we believe it a better performance of the dynamic light field if combined with the real-time eye-tracking techniques.