Virtual Content Creation Using Dynamic Omnidirectional Texture Synthesis

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PubDate: August 2018

Teams: University of Southern California

Writers: Chih-Fan Chen; Evan Suma Rosenberg

PDF: Virtual Content Creation Using Dynamic Omnidirectional Texture Synthesis


We present a dynamic omnidirectional texture synthesis (DOTS) approach for generating real-time virtual reality content captured using a consumer-grade RGB-D camera. Compared to a single fixed-viewpoint color map, view-dependent texture mapping (VDTM) techniques can reproduce finer detail and replicate dynamic lighting effects that become especially noticeable with head tracking in virtual reality. However, VDTM is very sensitive to errors such as missing data or inaccurate camera pose estimation, both of which are commonplace for objects captured using consumer-grade RGB-D cameras. To overcome these limitations, our proposed optimization can synthesize a high resolution view-dependent texture map for any virtual camera location. Synthetic textures are generated by uniformly sampling a spherical virtual camera set surrounding the virtual object, thereby enabling efficient real-time rendering for all potential viewing directions.