Open Augmented Reality System For Mobile Markerless Tracking

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PubDate: September 2020

Teams: ESME Sudria ESME Research Lab. 38 Rue Molière;Institut Mines-Telécom/Télécom SudParis SAMOVAR/ARMEDIA 9 Rue Charles Fourier

Writers: Madjid Maidi; Yassine Lehiani; Marius Preda

PDF: Open Augmented Reality System For Mobile Markerless Tracking


The aim of this work is to present an open solution for building an Augmented Reality (AR) system without using any existing SDK. The proposed approach relies upon 2D planar object recognition for mobile real-time tracking applications. The transformation relating the world and the camera coordinate systems is determined using pose estimation. Once the projective transform relating 3D and 2D features is computed, a virtual 3D graphic is registered on the image. Many tests have been performed to show the efficiency of the proposed approach and to prove its relevance in terms of accuracy and time computation. The final application enabled real-time mobile tracking of markerless images augmented with 3D models to enrich the visual perception of the user.