A flexibly projected AR system of wall-mounted buttons

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PubDate: April 2018

Teams: Chuo University

Writers: Daiki Masaki; Mitsunori Makino

PDF: A flexibly projected AR system of wall-mounted buttons


User interface (UI) is an important factor for user experience (UX) because UI has s significant impact on feeling of use. Wall mounted buttons which are used as physical UI for elevators, room rights and so on. However, changing installation locations of wall mounted buttons is not easy. In addition, changing button labels and types is not easy, too. If we can change installation locations, labels and types of wall mounted buttons easily, their UX is improved. In this paper, a virtual wall-mounted button is proposed. The proposed system projects virtual wall mounted buttons on a wall by a projector. The proposed system gets user’s height and change buttons’ vertical position. In addition, users can change a button label and type. As a result of the user-test, the proposed system improves the problems of wall mounted buttons and has a possibility that it improves product and system UX. On the other hand, user-test shows necessity to improve buttons’ visibility.