FashionFit: Analysis of Mapping 3D Pose and Neural Body Fit for Custom Virtual Try-On

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PubDate: May 2020

Teams: Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology;Hexvel Disruptor;Aarhus University;Gachon University

Writers: Mohammad Farukh Hashmi; B. Kiran Kumar Ashish; Avinash G. Keskar; Neeraj Dhanraj Bokde; Zong Woo Geem

PDF: FashionFit: Analysis of Mapping 3D Pose and Neural Body Fit for Custom Virtual Try-On


Visual compatibility and virtual feel are critical metrics for fashion analysis yet are missing in existing fashion designs and platforms. An explicit model is much needed for implanting visual compatibility through fashion image inpainting and virtual try-on. With rapid advancements in the Computer Vision realm, the increase in creating customer experience which leads to the great potential of interest to retailers and customers. The public datasets available are very much fit for generating outfits from Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) but the custom outfits of the users themselves lead to low accuracy levels. This work is the first step in analyzing and experimenting with the fit of custom outfits and visualizing it to the users on them which creates the great customer experience. The work analyses the need for providing visualization of custom outfits on users in the large corpora of AI in Fashion. The authors propose a novel architecture which facilitates the combining outfits provided by the retailers and visualize it on the users themselves using Neural Body Fit. This work creates a benchmark in disentangling the custom generation of cloth outfits using GANs and virtually trying it on the users to ensure a virtual-photorealistic appearance and results to create a great customer experience by using AI. Extensive experiments show the high accuracy levels on custom outfits generated by GANs but not in customized levels. This experiment creates new state-of-art results by plotting users pose for calculating the lengths of each body-part segment (hand, leg, and so forth), segmentation + NBF for accurate fitting of the cloth outfit. This paper is different from all other competitors in terms of approach for the virtual try-on for creating a new customer experience.