OmniCast: Wireless Pseudo-Analog Transmission for Omnidirectional Video

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PubDate: February 2019

Teams: Peking University;Microsoft Research Asia

Writers: Jing Zhao; Ruiqin Xiong; Jizheng Xu

PDF: OmniCast: Wireless Pseudo-Analog Transmission for Omnidirectional Video


Wireless virtual reality (VR) applications that provide users extraordinary viewing experience are now drawing great attentions. Transmitting VR video via wireless channel to users’ head-mounted display devices efficiently with low latency is very important for many emerging VR applications. In this paper, we propose a pseudo-analog transmission framework named OmniCast, which provides graceful quality degradation and competitive performance for unpredictably varying wireless channels while featuring low latency, low complexity, and low energy cost. In particular, we analyze the influence of projection between the spherical representation and the 2-D plane representation, and derive a power optimization scheme to minimize the distortion on the sphere. In addition, we develop an approach to measure the efficiency of decorrelation transform in the spherical domain. Based on that, an appropriate transform option can be determined. Experimental results show that the proposed framework improves the transmission efficiency of omnidirectional videos, while achieving elegant quality degradation for channel fluctuation in a wide channel SNR range.