Emotional modeling for a vision-based virtual character

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PubDate: March 2018

Teams: Chengdu University of Information Technology;Chengdu Huiyang Industrial Co., Ltd

Writers: Wang Guojiang; Liu Jie

PDF: Emotional modeling for a vision-based virtual character


Emotion intelligence is an important component to enhance the credibility of virtual character’s behavior. A virtual character who can perceive and timely to express the appropriate emotions can make the communication between a visual character and a human user more effective and natural. Based on emotional psychology and artificial psychology, this paper simulates the interaction between human emotions, needs and personalities, proposes a new generation method of virtual character’s autonomous emotion, and constructs a vision-Based interactive system composed of a facial expression recognition module and a realistic human face model. The results show that the proposed method can make the virtual character produce a more natural emotional reaction in the interaction, and provide an effective method for designing the virtual character’s autonomous emotions in the interactive environment.