Wearable Olfactory Display with Less Residual Odor

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PubDate: September 2019

Teams: Tokyo Institute of Technology

Writers: Shingo Kato; Takamichi Nakamoto

PDF: Wearable Olfactory Display with Less Residual Odor


An olfactory display is a device which provides various scents to a user. The integration of such olfactory stimulus with conventional VR system will strongly influence human emotion and create a more immersive experience. One of the main issues accompanied by the implementations is that the odorants spread into the ambient air and it makes the user confuse what smell is presented at that time. We tried to solve this with an innovative and simple design concept of the olfactory display: installation of the air intake and inner deodorant filter. Based on the method, we have developed a wearable prototype so that we can attach clear and various olfactory information in VR applications.