Face Stylized Modeling for Virtual Character

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PubDate: June 2020

Teams: Tokyo Metropolitan University

Writers: Bixuan Chen; Toshihiro Komma

PDF: Face Stylized Modeling for Virtual Character


This research is to present a method for real human face stylized modeling. It can transform the 3D data of an actual face into a model with an anime style, which could be applied to virtual character production in CG. Moreover, the “stylization” here is limited: We would pick a few famous Japanese anime and utilize their characters’ features to recreate a new face. The anime should be in natural styles that representatively depicted the faces of most Japanese, for example, the works of Kyoto Anime. As the image shows (Figure 1), our work focuses on how to transform the 3D facial data, specifically including three steps: 1. facial feature analyzation, 2. transforming relationship, and 3. modeling. We expect this system to complete automatic modeling in one hour to provide preliminary models to CG character makers for further manual improvement. Therefore, they do not need to spend more time in modeling from nothing but would be able to carry out artistic creation faster.