Hybrid Projection For Encoding 360 VR Videos

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PubDate: August 2019

Teams: East China Normal University

Writers: Jintao Tang; Xinyu Zhang

PDF: Hybrid Projection For Encoding 360 VR Videos


During the past five years, tons of economic 360 VR cameras (e.g., Ricoh Theta, Samsumg Gear360, LG 360, Insta 360) are sold in the market. While 360 VR videos become ubiquitous very soon, 360 VR video standardization is still under discussion in the digital industry, and more concrete efforts are desired to accelerate its standardization and applications. Though ERP has been widely used for projection and packing layout while encoding 360 VR videos, it has severe projection distortion near poles. In this paper, we introduce a new format for encoding and storing 360 VR videos using hybrid cylindrical projection after thoroughly analyzing the problems with ERP. We show that our new hybrid format can minimize stretching distortion and generate well balanced pixel distribution in the resulting projection.