A Virtual Try-On System for Prescription Eyeglasses

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PubDate: August 2017

Teams: Nanyang Technological University;ETH

Writers: Qian Zhang; Yu Guo; Pierre-Yves Laffont; Tobias Martin; Markus Gross

PDF: A Virtual Try-On System for Prescription Eyeglasses


Corrective lenses introduce distortion caused by the refraction effect, which changes the wear’s appearance. To give users a more realistic experience, a virtual try-on system for prescription eyeglasses modifies an input video and virtually inserts prescription eyeglasses, producing an output similar to a virtual mirror. The proposed system generates a 3D representation of the corrective lenses mounted into the eyeglasses frame and modifies the video sequence to virtually insert the eyeglasses through image-based rendering. Unlike existing virtual try-on systems, this approach simulates the refraction effects due to the corrective lens and takes into account reflections and shading.