On the Interplay of Foveated Rendering and Video Encoding

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PubDate: November 2020

Teams: Aalto University

Writers: Gazi Karam Illahi;Matti Siekkinen;Teemu Kämäräinen;Antti Ylä-Jääski

PDF: On the Interplay of Foveated Rendering and Video Encoding


Humans have sharp central vision but low peripheral visual acuity. Prior work has taken advantage of this phenomenon in two ways: foveated rendering (FR) reduces the computational workload of rendering by producing lower visual quality for peripheral regions and foveated video encoding (FVE) reduces the bitrate of streamed video through heavier compression of peripheral regions. Remote rendering systems require both rendering and video encoding and the two techniques can be combined to reduce both computing and bandwidth consumption. We report early results from such a combination with remote VR rendering. The results highlight that FR causes large bitrate overhead when combined with normal video encoding but combining it with FVE can mitigate it.