Pixels and Panoramas: An Enhanced Cubic Mapping Scheme for Video/Image-Based Virtual-Reality Scenes

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PubDate: February 2019

Teams: Fudan University

Writers: Yibo Fan; Yize Jin; Zihao Meng; Xiaoyang Zeng

PDF: Pixels and Panoramas: An Enhanced Cubic Mapping Scheme for Video\/Image-Based Virtual-Reality Scenes


Virtual reality (VR) is rapidly appearing in various fields, such as navigation, robotics, and documentation. Spherical panoramic video, compared to 3D modeling, provides immersive and omnidirectional views in a much more convenient way. However, state-of-the-art video or image-encoding techniques, such as high-efficiency video coding or JPEG, require rectangular input sequences. Spherical videos are traditionally projected onto a plane or a cube for convenient encoding, but mapping quality and encoding efficiency are not considered. In this article, we propose GVScube projection, a method using a cube-Snyder (Scube) projection along with a gradually varied (GV) sampling method to generate panoramic video. This method achieves better pixel uniformity and less area deviation than other methods.

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