Directional Polarized Light Emission from Thin‐Film Light‐Emitting Diodes

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PubDate: January 2021

Teams: North Carolina State University;University of Texas

Writers: Xiangyu Fu Yash Mehta Yi‐An Chen Lei Lei Liping Zhu Nilesh Barange Qi Dong Shichen Yin Juliana Mendes Siliang He Renuka Gogusetti Chih‐Hao Chang Franky So

PDF: Directional Polarized Light Emission from Thin‐Film Light‐Emitting Diodes


Light‐emitting diodes (LEDs) with directional and polarized light emission have many photonic applications, and beam shaping of these devices is fundamentally challenging because they are Lambertian light sources. In this work, using organic and perovskite LEDs (PeLEDs) for demonstrations, by selectively diffracting the transverse electric (TE) waveguide mode while suppressing other optical modes in a nanostructured LED, the authors first demonstrate highly directional light emission from a full‐area organic LED with a small divergence angle less than 3° and a TE to transverse magnetic (TM) polarization extinction ratio of 13. The highly selective diffraction of only the TE waveguide mode is possible due to the planarization of the device stack by thermal evaporation and solution processing. Using this strategy, directional and polarized emission from a perovskite LED having a current efficiency 2.6 times compared to the reference planar device is further demonstrated. This large enhancement in efficiency in the PeLED is attributed to a larger contribution from the TE waveguide mode resulting from the high refractive index in perovskite materials.

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