HAIR: Head-mounted AR Intention Recognition

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PubDate: Feb 2021

Teams: David Puljiz, Bowen Zhou, Ke Ma, Björn Hein

Writers: David Puljiz, Bowen Zhou, Ke Ma, Björn Hein

PDF: HAIR: Head-mounted AR Intention Recognition


Human teams exhibit both implicit and explicit intention sharing. To further development of human-robot collaboration, intention recognition is crucial on both sides. Present approaches rely on a vast sensor suite on and around the robot to achieve intention recognition. This relegates intuitive human-robot collaboration purely to such bulky systems, which are inadequate for large-scale, real-world scenarios due to their complexity and cost. In this paper we propose an intention recognition system that is based purely on a portable head-mounted display. In addition robot intention visualisation is also supported. We present experiments to show the quality of our human goal estimation component and some basic interactions with an industrial robot. HAIR should raise the quality of interaction between robots and humans, instead of such interactions raising the hair on the necks of the human coworkers.

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