Low-Cost Interactive Device for Virtual Reality

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PubDate: June 2020

Teams: Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Writers: Afsoon Asadzadeh; Taha Samad-Soltani; Peyman Rezaei-Hachesu; Zahra Salahzadeh

PDF: Low-Cost Interactive Device for Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is novelty technology with many applications in various fields. The high cost of interactive virtual reality hardware is one of the challenges that can affect on widespread applications. However, it can be facilitated with the development of affordable devices. In the present study, three low-cost accurate modules were designed for the measurement of orientations and sent them via Wi-Fi in the virtual reality environment to motion transfer. ADXL 345, MPU 6050 and MPU 9250 were used to build modules. Kalman and complementary filters were applied to the reduction of noise and drift, as also the digital motion processor of MPU 6050 and MPU 9250 with the quaternion base method was used in the second method. The built-in modules were obtained good precision, however, the accuracy of the pitch and roll axes were better than the Yaw. ADXL 345, and MPU 6050 modules (Inertial Measurement Units) are affordable for 2D and 3D orientation measurements, respectively. Our products can be applied in any field that needs simulation motion in a virtual reality environment.

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