Adopting the Roll Manipulation for Redirected Walking

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PubDate: March 2018

Teams: The University of Tokyo

Writers: Tatsuki Yamamoto; Keigo Matsumoto; Takuji Narumi; Tomohiro Tanikawa; Michitaka Hirose

PDF: Adopting the Roll Manipulation for Redirected Walking


The contribution of this paper is to propose a novel Redirected Walking (RDW) technique that adopts manipulation gain in the roll direction. RDW is a technique that enables users to explore a large Virtual Environment (VE) while walking within a physically limited space by manipulating their virtual vision. Thus far, studies have determined the detection thresholds for translation, rotation, and curvature gains, but the thresholds are limited in the yaw direction. In contrast, in other research areas, movements in the yaw and roll directions have sometimes been addressed at the same time. In the present study, we investigated the detection threshold of inclination gain in the roll direction. We applied an inclination gain that was increased gradually while the participants walked 3 meters straight ahead. The results showed that users can detect an inclination gain of 1.93° on the left hand and 1.39° on the right hand.

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