A Smart Eye Tracking System for Virtual Reality

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PubDate: July 2019

Teams: Northwest University;Xi’an Jiaotong University;Sichuan University; Northwestern Polytechnical University

Writers: Bin Li; Yun Zhang; Xiujuan Zheng; Xiaoping Huang; Sheng Zhang; Jia He

PDF: A Smart Eye Tracking System for Virtual Reality


Virtual reality (VR) technology provides specific three-dimensional (3D) scenes for users, which could be benefit for the applications in the field of medical diagnosis, psychological analysis, cognitive researches and entertainments. The current VR device provides the virtual 3D images, but cannot synchronously detect the user’s eye movements which could be significant for deriving the users’ gaze points and interest regions in varied applications. In this paper, we proposed a smart eye tracking system for VR device. Firstly, a smart eye movement detection kit is mounted inside the VR device to capture the human eye movement images with the rate of 30 Hz. Based on the proposed eye detection kit, a gaze detection algorithm is then established for VR devices. Next, a gaze estimation model is proposed for human gaze estimation. The proposed smart eye tracking system can detect the user’s eye movements in real time under VR stimulation. Moreover, it also provide a new human-VR interaction mode.

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