Text Typing in VR Using Smartphones Touchscreen and HMD

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PubDate: August 2019

Teams: University of Toronto;Tohoku Daigaku

Writers: Sabah Boustila; Thomas Guégan; Kazuki Takashima; Yoshifumi Kitamura

PDF: Text Typing in VR Using Smartphones Touchscreen and HMD


In this work, we were interested in using smartphone touchscreen keyboard for text typing in virtual environments (VEs) with head-mounted display. We carried out an experiment comparing the smartphone to the ordinary devices: gamepad and HTC Vive Controllers. We represented the touchscreen keyboard in the VE with a virtual interface and the fingertips with tracked green circles. A confirm-on-release paradigm was employed for text typing. Results showed that the smartphone did not fully outperformed the other devices. However, unlike the other devices, smartphones users tended to correct progressively their error while typing thanks to their familiarity with the device.