Wireless controller for interactive virtual reality games

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PubDate: February 2018

Teams: Koc University

Writers: S. Kazempourradi; S. O. Ozturk; M. B. Erdemli; B. Gulerce; M. S. Yazici; L. Ozmen; S. I. Tuncer; C. H. Dagidir; E. Ulusoy;H. Urey

PDF: Wireless controller for interactive virtual reality games


An array of tiny, low-cost, stand-alone and wireless inertial motion sensor units is designed and fabricated. These sensor units recognise gestures of a user, enabling a comfort control in game applications. Despite the wide usage of motion sensor units in various applications, we utilize an array of detached and low-cost controller units and an Oculus Rift DK2 to develop two VR games, for the first time. In one application, the user can control a space-ship movements by its hand movements. The other game is a first-person shooting game, in which an array of sensors are used for aiming and shooting purpose. This type of control provides the feeling of full immersion inside a VR environment. The developed sensor unit is a promising controller for a broad range of applications in virtual and augmented reality industry.