Redirected Scene Rotation for Immersive Movie Experiences

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PubDate: August 2018

Teams: Texas A&M University

Writers: Travis Stebbins; Eric D. Ragan

PDF: Redirected Scene Rotation for Immersive Movie Experiences


Virtual reality (VR) allows for immersive and natural viewing experiences; however, these often expect users to be standing and able to physically turn and move easily. Seated VR applications, specifically immersive 360 degree movies, must be appropriately designed to facilitate user comfort and prevent sickness. Our research explores a scene rotation-based method for redirecting a viewer’s gaze and its effectiveness given three parameter adjustments: rotation delay, rotation speed, and angle threshold. The technique may be useful in the development of future immersive movie or VR experiences. From the research, we expect to discover which parameters prove most effective at redirecting a viewer’s gaze in an immersive movie experience. We present preliminary developments and an informal usability evaluation to collect participant feedback about preference, comfort, and sickness.