Model Retrieval by 3D Sketching in Immersive Virtual Reality

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PubDate: August 2018

Teams: University College London

Writers: Daniele Giunchi; Stuart James; Anthony Steed

PDF: Model Retrieval by 3D Sketching in Immersive Virtual Reality


We describe a novel method for searching 3D model collections using free-form sketches within a virtual environment as queries. As opposed to traditional Sketch Retrieval, our queries are drawn directly onto an example model. Using immersive virtual reality the user can express their query through a sketch that demonstrates the desired structure, color and texture. Unlike previous sketch-based retrieval methods, users remain immersed within the environment without relying on textual queries or 2D projections which can disconnect the user from the environment. We show how a convolutional neural network (CNN) can create multi-view representations of colored 3D sketches. Using such a descriptor representation, our system is able to rapidly retrieve models and in this way, we provide the user with an interactive method of navigating large object datasets. Through a preliminary user study we demonstrate that by using our VR 3D model retrieval system, users can perform quick and intuitive search. Using our system users can rapidly populate a virtual environment with specific models from a very large database, and thus the technique has the potential to be broadly applicable in immersive editing systems.

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