Embodying an Extra Virtual Body in Augmented Reality

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PubDate: August 2019

Teams: Universiteit Utrecht

Writers: Nina Rosa; Jean-Paul van Bommel; Wolfgang Hürst; Tanja Nijboer; Remco C. Veltkamp; Peter Werkhoven

PDF: Embodying an Extra Virtual Body in Augmented Reality


Presence and the sense of embodiment are essential concepts for the experience of our self and virtual bodies, but there is little quantitative evidence for a relation between these, and this relation becomes more complicated when there are real and virtual bodies in augmented reality (AR). We investigate the experience of body ownership, agency, self-location and self-presence in AR where users can see their real body and a virtual body from behind. Active arm movement congruency and virtual anthropomorphism are varied. We found significant effects of movement congruency but not anthropomorphism, a strong correlation between self-presence and body ownership, and a moderate correlation between self-presence and agency and self-location.